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Mario MIX DS multicart
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Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, Mario and Luigi - Partners in Time,  New Super Mario Bros. Yoshi's Island,  DSWarioWare Touched, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2, Mario Slam Basketball, Super MarioMario party and more.

208 in 10 Super combo
Pokemon & Mario multicart

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Full English version Nintendo DS game multicarts for all DS and 3DS versions.

The game you MUST have. It is not only help you learn or improve the language ability. It also can be the travel guide book, dictionary, games you can play during travel. With the example of sentence in different situation, will help you survive when you travel anywhere in the the world! (order the food, in the hospital, book the hotel, shopping....etc.) When you complete the game in this set, you can continue with the other game ex. my english coach and change the main language to spanish, french and play back word or play the Japanese version to practice the other language.

Best games that kidz Must have. Perfect for the kids from 4 years old to up any gender! Some games we sure even adult will enjoy it too. Recommend to add the other game 'Brain quest' in the version which match to the age of the kid (grade1&2, 3&4, 5&6) to make it even more complete. In this package will help with the imagination by drawing game, math test, writing, puzzle for the kid. Learning by playing is the best explanation for Super kid mix.

Cooking mix!;Best cooking game and the guide book for your kitchen. Complete with the TV show game like the hell's kitchen. the most popular cooking game 'cooking mama' , recipe for your dinner 'Jamie oliver' + 'cooking guide', Animation cooking game ' ratatouille', open the restaurant in 'diner dash'! Perfect for every age and gender if you love eating and cooking.

One of the most popular game. Most of the customer will order a lot of imagin collection. The player can enjoy the career they dream about such as chef, designer, dancer, rock star, model, doctor, teacher...etc.

Custom DS multi-game cartridges with YOUR selection of titles.

Welcome to the games database of NDS Multi Carts Ltd.
* We are sorry to announce that production of Custom NDS multicarts have been phased out in favor of making a large number of preset combo cartridges with a varied selection of game titles fort all tastes. Preset multi-game cartridges are much cheaper to produce and are a better value for customers.

Use the SEARCH option to find the games you want to play. When you find them click on add to cart. We will burn them on a high quality DS multi-cartridge for you. All you have to do is insert it in to your NDS for days and days of gaming pleasure!
After reaching the maximum of a 110 memory blocks* per one cartridge, go to check out where you can pay via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card. One multicart costs $85.97 USD. Discounts are available for orders of 3 or morecarts.

* The space on a cartridge is 8 Gigabit and that amounts to 110 memory blocks. The sizes of games vary from 1 to 16 memory blocks; so the minimum amount of games is 7 and the maximum on one cartridge is 110 games!

You can pick a game from another region! It will work on your DS, so you are not bound by your country/region. Straight out of the factory all DS consoles are compatible with games from all regions. Release region determines the language options the game has. USA versions will be in English, European versions will have UK English and other main EU languages available.

Know the title of the game you want? Use our search engine:

If you have any questions or remarks, please email me at john ndsmulti.com.
Kind regards, John O’Shea (Sales manager NDS Multi Carts Ltd.)

Dear Customers,

Every order from 9 December will have to be send via EMS Express post if you want a guaranteed delivery before Christmas!

EMS Express post have extra costs attached to it, from $25 to $30 USD depending on the country. EMS guarantees delivery within 5 working days.

The normal posting gateway Registered Post does not guarantee delivery on time!
If your order has no hurry or does not have to be under the Christmas tree, please use our regular postal option that is included in the price.

To All: We Wish you a Merry Christmas and an Advanced New Year!

From John and the NDS-Team

If game A on your NDS multicart does not start / stops after showing the title screen / does not save progress or tells that save game has been corrupt there is a big chance that it can be fixed rather simply by telling the DS what is the correct SAVE TYPE that it has to use for the game:

(in most cases the multicart detects it automatically, but there are these rear occasions when it can not or gets it wrong)

NDS Multi Card save game correct

So now to fixing the GAME A:

1. Open http://www.ndsmulti.com/store/ and do a Search for "GAME A". -> Locate the game page.
2. Check in the description - Save game type ______ - note this
3. Start Your DS - Enter the Game Select menu and scroll down to Game A.
4. On the DS TOP screen you will see game information including Name / Size / Save Type / Last Save
    - Press and hold [SELECT] + [ cursor right or left ] to select the correct save type

 Now play the game and it should work and save correctly...


Zelda Save Game change Zelda 4mbit save ok

We do have a nice Christmas offer for you: Order 3 cartridges or more and you will get the EMS Express delivery for FREE + 10% discount!!

  • Use the SEARCH options to find the games you like
  • Add them to the SHOPPING CART
  • You can fill up your cart with either 220 Mblocks for the 2GB cartridge, or even to 440 Mblocks for a 4GB cartridge
  • Our multi-cartridges are compatible with on all consoles - NDS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL!
  • Confirm your order and give us your FULL ADDRESS details
  • You will receive an email from us with the PayPal information.
  • We have special discounts for larger orders, contact John at john ndsmulti.com

The Prices are as followed:

· 2GB Cartridge for the Nintendo DS/DSi = 94.94 USD
· 4GB Cartridge for the Nintendo DS/DSi = 114.94 USD

* The space on a cartridge is 16 Gigabit and that amounts to 220 memory blocks. The sizes of games vary from 1 to 16 memory blocks; so the minimum amount of games is 14 and the maximum on one cartridge is 220 games!