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Choose 50 of your favourite games from the Games List below. If there are any Games you want that are not on the list then please e-mail us your requirements and we will try to source them for you. If you choose less than 50 games then we will automatically provide random choice games to make up the number. 48 hour delivery to your door on one Nintendo DS card. Simply slot the card into your DS and select the games you want from the menu. Nothing else needed! Get a 10% Discount if you order two.

The Download Area

By signing up to the download area you will never have to buy another game again. Simply choose the option when purchasing your package and we will send you your access details when we send out your order to you.

What we offer

We currently have around 1000 games available at for you to download which are all latest releases such as GTA - China Town Wars and other great new releases. Just click the games list tab to see what is available.

Dont get caught out by subscribing to other games sites that have only old stock games.

The games list is updated every week and new games are added all the time.

How it works

GBA & DS multi game cart - Value for Money <- User Review

We have made it extremely simple for you to download your games. Just log in and plug in your adaptor to start downloading. Downloading options are:

1) You can delete existing games from your old chip when you get bored of them
2) Keep the old chip so you can still play the games and we can supply you with a new blank preformatted micro sd card for you to download other games to.

There are no limits to how many games or how many times you use the download area. Simple transfer with immediate game play. No need for unzipping or extracting like other sites offer. Everything you need to get new games in minutes plus an easy simple 5 step by step guide on how to download. Just order this option with your package and your on your way to unlimited downloads.


We can only offer this service when it is available and are not responsible for certain times when the site may be down for routine maintenence. The service is available for you to use 24 hours a day.


1) Order your package and we will email you your order number.
2) Then copy & paste your Games choices from the list below to the e-mail form on the right hand side.
3) Enter your details including the order number that we sent you. Your order will then be prepared and despatched within 24-48 hours by 1st Class Royal Mail Signed for!
4) Once we despatch your order you can track your order by either entering uyour order number on the tracking page or by clicking on track my order also on the tracking page.

The Games List

Nintendo 3DS + DS Multi Game Cartridges

Please copy and paste your games choice from the list below into the e-mail form above making sure that it is in ascending List order. To help speed up the process time please do not enter any numbers.


Check here for some answers to your questions.

Q: What happens after I order?
A: You instantly receive a confirmation e-mail with your order number and invoice receipt. We also receive a copy of this and immediately prepare your order for despatch by Royal mail 1st Class Signed for.

Q: Where do I attach my list of games so you know which games I want to order?
A:Click on the games list tab and you will find full instructions there.

Q: Can I choose my own games?
A: Yes, you can choose from the games list and then e-mail the details to us with the order using the supplied e-mail form on the page.

Q: Can I choose games not on the list?
A: Just e-mail us from the contact us page and request games that you do not see and we will endeavour to get it added to the list for you.

Q: Are the games the same quality as on the single cartridges?
A: Yes, playability and quality is exacly the same as the single cartridges.

Q: What special offers are available?
A: Once you have ordered from us you will get a username and password to access the existing customer area. There you can buy and top up extra games for your cartridge.

Q: Do I need an extra memory card to save my games?
A: No, your games will auto save on your cartridge for you.

Q: Are there any differences in the games I receive?
A: No, all games are full versions and play just as normal.

Q: What languages do the games come in?
A: They come in English but some games also have a Multi language option.

Q: Does the cartridge need any special software to enable it to work on my DS?
A: No, you dont need to do anything. Just plug it in as you would with a normal games cartridge and select the game you want to play.

Q: Where else can I use my game cartridge?
A: You may only use your card on the Nintendo DS and DS Lite consoles.

Q: What countries do you deliver to?
A: We deliver to all countries worldwide, usually within 5 days after despatch of item. The cost for this is £4.95 and needs to be added to your shopping basket at the time of purchase. If you forget to add this we will contact you requesting you add this payment via our website

Q: Are there any restrictions to my DS console?
A: None, except the multigame cartridge does not support the DS download play feature.

Q. What games do I get?
A: An exact list of games is printed for you in the Games List section. If you require an additional games then please purchase the choose your own option.

Q: Is VAT and delivery included?
A: There is no VAT as the card is sent as a gift. Delivery to the UK is included free of charge. Please see International orders for overseas delivery.

Q: How do I know my personal and payment details are secure?
A: Credit Card processing is done via a secure gateway - PayPal. We get an e-mail with the details of the games bought and a postal address only.

Q: What paymet options are available to me?
A: Credit or Debit card via Paypal.


  • 50 Games for Youngsters.......£49.95 Suitable for under 8's. 50 of the latest popular kids titles such as Peppa Pig and Disneys Bolt. (4GB)The 50 Games Collection £49.95
    A selection of 50 Games delivered to your door on one DS Cartridge. (2GB)
  • 50 Games Deluxe Collection £59.95
    50 Major to titles and releases delivered to your door on one DS Cartridge. (4GB)
  • Choose Your own 50 Games..£69.95
    Choose your selection of 50 games from a list of the top selling titles and major new releases. (4GB)
  • 75 Arcade Greats Collection..£69.95
    A selection of 75 Arcade shoot em ups delivered to your door on one DS cartridge. (4GB)
  • 75 Boys Games Collection..... £69.95
    75 of the latest top selling games to keep the boys busy. Delivered straight to your door. (4GB)
  • 75 Girls Games Collection......£69.95
    75 of the latest top selling Games for girls. Delivered on one DS cartridge. (4GB)
  • The Puzzler Collection............ £69.95
    75 Puzzle and Brain Training games with a few action titles for good measure. (4GB)
  • The 100 Games Collection..... £69.95 A selection of 100 Games from a list of the top selling titles and major new releases. (4GB)
  • 100 Games Deluxe version....£79.95
    100 of the latest top selling games. All major new releases and sought after titles. (4GB)
  • Choose your own 100 : £89.95
    Choose 100 of your favourite Games from the Games List. Delivered on one DS cartridge. (4GB)
  • 2x 50 Games Collection..........£89.95
    This option will enable you to purchase two 50 Games cards at a discounted rate. (2GB)
  • 2x 50 Games Deluxe .............£101.95
    This option will enable you to purchase 2x 50 Games Deluxe at a discounted rate. (4GB)
  • 2x 75 Arcade Greats : £107.95
    This option will enable you to purchase two 50 Arcade Greats at a discounted rate. (4GB)
  • 2x Choose your own 50........£118.95
    This option will enable you to purchase 2x Choose yor own 50 cartridges at a discounted rate.(4GB)
  • 2x 100 Games Collection..... £118.95
    This option will enable you to purchase 2x 100 Games cartridges at a discounted rate. (4GB)
  • 2x 100 Deluxe Games...........£135.95
    This option will enable you to purchase 2x Choose your own 100 at a discounted rate. (4GB)
  • 2x Choose your own 100......£152.95
    This option will enable you to purchase 2x Choose your own 100 at a discounted rate. (4GB)
  • 1x Boys & 1x Girls package £118.95
    This option will enable you to purchase 1x Boys & 1x Girls at a discounted rate. (4GB)

Choose 50 of your favourite games from the Games List below. See alsos